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We are currently accepting consignments for our upcoming hammer auctions. Welcome to contact our specialists for a complimentary valuation.

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Andy Warhol “With Hat”Hammer pricer 600.000 SEK.
Spegel, karolinsk, Burchardt Precht
Mirror, Burchardt Precht. Hammer price 410.000 SEK
Pehr Ljung
Table Pehr Ljung. Hammer price 105.000 SEK
Anders Zorn
Anders Zorn, Skärgårdsblomster. Hammer price 1.650.000 SEK
Bruno Liljefors
Bruno Liljefors, Ejdrar på skär. Hammer price 1.400.000 SEK
Gustaf Fjaestad
Gustaf Fjaestad, Rimfrost och strömmigt vatten. Hammer price 460.000 SEK
Helmer Osslund
Helmer Osslund, Ångermanälven. Hammer price 800.000 SEK
First edition of Kepler's Tabulae Rudolphinae 1627
A Tibeto-Chinese Gilt Bronze Figure of Vajradhara. Hammer price 620.000 SEK
First edition of Kepler’s Tabulae Rudolphinae 1627. Hammer price 350.000 SEK
Axel Stake
Diaries, Axel Stake. Hammer price 450.000 SEK
A Rare Blue and White Jar
A Rare Blue and White Jar. Hammer price 85.000 SEK
An Export Armorial Punch Bowl, Sparre af Söfdeborg. Hammer price 40.000 SEK
A Powder-Blue and Copper-Red Dragon Dish
A Powder-Blue and Copper-Red Dragon Dish. Hammer price 48.000 SEK

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