Unique exhibition and seminars during Stockholm Design Week

Welcome to the exhibition ‘The Future is Local’, curated by the companies VERK and A NEW SWEDEN, February 7–11 in close collaboration with Stockholms Auktionsverk. The exhibition, which will take place during Stockholm Design Week, is about local production and takes an inspiring and transparent look at the process of VERK’s and A NEW SWEDEN’s completely sustainable products – from raw materials to finished products.

– “We have sold Baroque, Rococo and Gustavian while they were still contemporary. Since we ourselves don’t produce but convey long lasting fine art objects, we’ve always been driven by sustainability; climate thinking is part of our DNA. The better the material, the longer it lasts. From that perspective, it feels natural for us to be a part of this exhibition,” says Li Pamp, CEO of Stockholms Auktionsverk.

With the exhibition The Future is Local, VERK and A NEW SWEDEN aim to both educate and inspire, at the same time as they hope to make the concept of “Made in Sweden” stand for something really good again.

– “This is an excellent way to visualise and educate more people about what a Swedish production society can look like today. We must take care of the few Swedish companies we actually have in the processing industry and safeguard their existence,” says Simon Anund, who underscores the demand for locally produced products.

The exhibition highlights the participants involved, the producers of the raw materials: wool, leather, glass, wood and steel, as well as the craftspeople and manufacturers of the actual products.

Seminars with different themes based on local production will be held at Stockholms Auktionsverk, Nybrogatan 32, during three evenings Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th at 5 pm and will be moderated by Jonas Olsson, CEO of SVID, The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.

Exhibition and seminars are open to public and free.
Open: 7-11 February, Monday–Friday 10–18 at Nybrogatan 32 in Stockholm.

Photography: Nicho Södling
Product photography: Jonas Ingerstedt
Press photos: Click here! 

For more information – please contact:
VERK – Lina Rocca, lina@verk.se, +46 70 332 33 52A
NEW SWEDEN – Lisa Bergstrand, lisa@anewsweden.com, +46 70 495 44 09

1. V.LF.02 Soffbord, design Linn Fredlund.
2. The Findor 100% Wool Field Jacket and Chair V.DE.01

Companies participating in the exhibition:
Skyllberg Industri AB
Lasertech YAG
Bröderna Wigells Stolfabrik
Svenssson & Linnér
Stolfabriken i Tibro
Tärnsjö Garveri
Kallfeldts Läder AB
Swedish Wool Mattress Company
KG-List / Österbymo Hardwood
Svenskt Trä
Målerås Glasbruk
Stockholms Glasbruk
Väveriet i Bollnäs
Hälsinge såpa
Bio Gen Active
Fårägare som sålt ull
Sjuhäradbygdens Färgeri
Ljungskile Trikå
Malmö Industries
Hälsinge Linneväveri
Biella the Wool Company
Pewter of Sweden
Vägen ut! Kajskjul 46



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