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Sjökort Östersjön 1666 av Goos

Sjökort Östersjön 1666 av Goos
Sjökort Östersjön 1666 av Goos

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SJÖKORT ÖSTERSJÖN 1666. GOOS, Pieter. Pas-Caart van de Oost ZeeVerthoonende Alle de Ghelegentheydt Tusschen t´Eylandt Rugen ende Wyborg (..).
Amsterdam. By Pieter Goos op´t water inde vergulde Zeespiegel. 1666.
Engraving with handcoloured details, sailing ship, coat-of-arms and compass roses, c. 450 x 550 mm.

A sea chart of the Baltic Sea. It covers the
area from Rugen in the west to Viborg in the east as well as the inner part of the gulf of Finland. The map was published about half a century before Saint Petersburg was founded. With Stockholm and its archipelago, the Baltic islands of Öland, Gotland, Dagö and Ösel. Riga is clearly marked in the east as well as Danzig in the south.


Spotting and soiling, browned, repair to folding, damages to corners.